About John

john-stacy-touchedJohn Stacy is a native Texan. His relatives Randolf and John Foster scouted and settled in Texas with Stephen F. Austin. John is very proud of his Texas heritage and refuses to bring his family to the East coast if elected. His beautiful wife of eleven years, Amie, and their three children, Jude, Gabriel, and Luke will remain in Texas and John will travel back and forth weekly.

John has always been passionate about liberty, and in high school was asked to leave his government class for arguing against his teacher on the proper role of government. John has always been interested in how things work, and went on to earn his B.S. in Chemistry from Texas Christian University.

After graduation, John came back home to help run his family’s health insurance and investment business. He brought the business up to modern times by launching websites for each side of the business, InsuranceMakesMeSick.com and InvestingMakesMeSick.com. He has been very successful as COO of the insurance agency, doubling the size of the client base in his first few years. John works one-on-one with small business owners to help create benefit packages that help their employees.

Because of his experience in the healthcare industry, he understands what ObamaCare is doing to our economy and our small businesses.

John also served on Fate City Council as Mayor Pro-Tem, resigning to run for Congress. As a public official, John was able to lower taxes in his first two budgets, while also remarkably paying off large amounts of short-term debt. John stayed very connected to the people he served, receiving comments about being the only councilman who returns calls and emails. Serving with strong beliefs in limited government, other council members would often comment that they already knew how John felt about a given issue!

A vote for John Stacy is a vote for a true believer in limited government and individual rights. It is a vote for a man with principles and character, who believes that we must put the Constitution first and only spend what we have regardless of needs.

Please vote on March 4th for a leader who will change the conversation in Washington, and who will stay connected to the people he serves.